Our mission is to prepare you for the technology-led future!

Disruptive innovation platforms such as machine learning and AI, blockchain, robotics, mobility (autonomous vehicles), and synthetic biology and their underlying technologies are shaping the future of business. And new business models are emerging to take advantage of these exponential technologies.

Our courses will arm you with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to face the digitally transformed future confidently!

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We are all about the disruptive innovations that are shaping the future!

Data Science and Robotics are disrupting a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.

Blockchain Technology is disrupting the global banking and financial services industries. Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are growing exponentially. Electric and autonomous vehicles and P2P ride-sharing are transforming mobility.

Synthetic Biology is revolutionizing AgTech, Pharma, and Healthcare with underlying technologies such as Genomics and CRISPR.

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Programs that make you future-ready!


Programs in disruptive domains for college students, working professionals, and senior corporate executives

We offer various programs to working professionals, college students, and senior executives in corporates. To prepare college students for careers in the new economy, we offer virtual keynotes, live workshops, value-added courses, and professional programs in innovative, disruptive domains.

We offer cutting-edge Professional Programs to working professionals and recent graduates to kickstart their careers in disruptive domains.

Our corporate training offerings include Virtual Keynotes, Management Development Programs, and Professional Programs for employees.


Programs for college students

Value-added Courses

These courses help college students get a head-start in the new economy. And they usually last 30 hours. Students can take them up as value-added courses or electives. We offer these courses in partnership with colleges. Learn more here.

Professional programs for your students

Our programs prepare your students for the digitally transformed future. These are long-term programs ranging from 6 months to 12 months. Since our programs teach the fundamentals, your students need no engineering or coding background.

Our cutting-edge, neuroscience-based instructional design delivers program content created by top, inter-disciplinary, academic, and industry experts. The program also has a comprehensive Placement Readiness Module that covers resume writing, group discussions, and job interviews.

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Programs for working executives

Professional Programs

These are in-depth, long-term programs in disruptive innovation domains. And these programs make you ready for the digitally transformed future. These are ideal for working professionals. And they are also open to recent graduates and final year college students. Typically, these programs take about 6 to 12 months to complete. We cover a wide range of domains. Learn more here.

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Corporate Training Programs

Our corporate training programs are in disruptive innovation domains and are delivered in convenient online formats.

We offer Virtual Keynotes on emerging key technologies and their impact on business. These programs are a good starting point to initiate digital transformation in organizations.

Our MDPs are in the form of live online workshops spread over a few days to suit the convenience of the executives

Our professional programs help companies build a leadership pipeline in the disruptive technology domains. These programs are offered in the convenient online format with intensive coursework and hands-on projects and are supported by expert mentors.

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