Our mission is to prepare your students and faculty for the technology-led future!

Disruptive innovation platforms such as machine learning and AI, blockchain, robotics, mobility (autonomous vehicles), synthetic biology, and their underlying technologies are shaping the future of business. And new business models are emerging to take advantage of these exponential technologies.

Our programs will impart to your students the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to face the digitally transformed future with confidence!


We are all about the disruptive innovations that are shaping the future!

Data Science and Robotics are disrupting a wide range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare and more.

Blockchain Technology is disrupting the global banking and financial services industries. Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are growing exponentially. Electric and autonomous vehicles and P2P ride-sharing are transforming mobility.

Synthetic Biology is creating a revolution in AgTech and Pharma and Healthcare, with underlying technologies such as Genomics and CRISPER.


Programs that make you future-ready!


College Programs

Our training programs prepare your students and faculty for the digitally transformed future. These programs focus on the intersection of emerging technologies and functional areas of business. We also have programs for specific industry verticals such as banking and financial services, agribusiness, fashion, healthcare, and mobility.

Our training formats include virtual keynotes, live workshops, value-added courses, and long-term, professional programs for your students.


Virtual Keynotes

Virtual Keynotes are live, interactive, online sessions for about 3 hours on core technologies impacting businesses in general, functional areas, and specific industry verticals.

Our topics include emerging technologies such as Machine Learning & AI, Blockchain, Robotics, digital transformation, and the impact of technology on functional areas of business.

We also offer Keynotes on FinTech, MarTech, AgriTech, FashionTech, and other specific industry verticals. Learn more.

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Live Workshops

These are live, online workshops of about 10-12 hours, spread over 2 or 3 days. These programs cover emerging technology applications in business and industry verticals such as FinTech, AgTech, and more.

The participants can also access online learning resources to learn more, practice what they’ve learned, and participate in formative and summative assessments. Students earn a certificate of proficiency post online assessments.

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Value-added Courses

We offer self-paced, online courses that students can take as elective courses to fulfill their degree requirements. These courses comply with the regulatory requirements in terms of course content, the number of hours of instruction, and assessment pattern. Also, we can customize these courses to meet your needs.

We have courses in Data Science/Business Analytics, Blockchain, FinTech, MarTech, and more.

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Professional programs for your students

Our programs prepare your students for the digitally transformed future. These are long-term programs ranging from 6 months to 12 months. Since our programs teach the fundamentals, your students need not have any engineering or coding background.

Program content created by top, inter-disciplinary, academic, and industry experts is delivered via our cutting-edge, neuroscience-based instructional design. The program also has a comprehensive Placement Readiness Module that covers resume writing, group discussions, and job interviews.

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